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About the Course

This is an introductory course in Raja Yoga. It is a 52 week course and consists of 2-hour lessons held once a week. Each class starts & ends with meditation

The course takes up the following topics in great detail:

Self Transformation
Spiritual Healing
Positive Thinking
Anger Management
Power of Thoughts
Using and Developing Your Virtues
Self-sabotaging Ego Mechanisms
How to Meditate
The Law of Karma
And more…

Course Benefits

This is an exceptionally empowering course and you will experience a great deal of enlightenment and understanding about your life, purpose, and events that have occurred. The concepts presented are simple yet profound and are accessible to people of all backgrounds and beliefs. Simple and honest effort is the only requirement for success in meditation.

Course Registration

The courses offered at the Brampton Meditation Centre (BMC) are free of charge and fill quite quickly as they are deep, inspiring and empowering. To register click here and you will be contacted regarding the next available course date.