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Through the Raj Yoga course I have learned and now possess techniques to help me in leading a life of greater inner peace and happiness.  This course has provided me with a lightness and ability to recapture positive memories that were previously overshadowed by negativity.  It has enabled me to find my courage, to look inside myself and move from ­­­­­­­a diminished state to one of empowerment.  Thank you to Brian and everyone at the Brampton Meditation Centre for your guidance and support on this journey  

~ Kim V 

Om Shanti,

Five years ago I sat in my neurosurgeon’s office listening in disbelief as he told me that I needed surgery to have my brain tumor removed or I would lose my eyesight.  A few weeks later my father (hero, rock, sustainer) passed away.  I felt as though someone had pulled the rug from under me and I fell into a dark black hole and couldn’t climb my way out.  I had a 1 year old and 3 year old who were completely dependent on me.  So I tried psychology, naturopathy, physiotherapy, and medication all in the hope of getting “better”.  This allowed me to “function” but I felt as if I was a zombie going through life.  One day, I came across the Brampton Meditation Centre Information booth at a cultural event and decided to try it out.  Four months into the course I had a profound yoga experience where I was able to say goodbye to my father and make peace with his passing.  After the course ended, I built up the courage to visit my surgeon.  I sat in his office and listened patiently as he told me, with astonishment, my brain tumor had shrunk significantly and I no longer needed surgery!  Each passing year, the tumor continued to shrink and is now almost gone.  During this time, I did not have any medical treatments, my only treatment was Raja Yoga. With the guidance of the spiritual instrument Brian and my spiritual family at the Brampton Meditation Centre, I found my eternal Father and sustainer; this is what saved my life!  I am so grateful that Baba has found me once again.  I look forward to remembering my true self, and becoming the pure, powerful, and eternal soul I now know that I am. 

~ Sabrina Ramlackan

Diwali Children’s Program 2020

 I am so grateful for the atmosphere of love, joy and light you provided for us. All souls – parents and children were instantly comfortable and were willing and ready to participate and share. The message of shining our inner light regardless of what is transpiring in the external world was so beautifully explained and shared. I will say that the simplicity of it truly resonated with me – and hearing it in a way meant for children’s ears was extremely special. I have been easily able to apply what I learned at home and have deeper conversations and connection with my children. Being creative with our children through the lantern making was a gift in itself. The treats were an unexpected and delightful bonus also! My family and I will definitely be participating in future events hosted by the Center. There are so few places for families to experience such deep levels of joy, purity and simplicity. I wish the Center opened a school for children!


Thank you for organizing such an event. Overall it was a very positive environment for kids, I liked how all of us were working together/sharing stories and building lanterns. Such events are opportunities for kids to learn outside their academics.  As a parent,  it is an opportunity to work together with kids as a team outside the traditional setup and understand them better. This was the first time I was working with my son on any project and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I will definitely participate in such events with my kid’s future.


This is a life-changing course, filled with jewels of knowledge that have the capacity to change your perspective and your path! Coming into the course I was not expecting the level of depth, love and care that I received.  It has truly been the greatest thing I have signed up for and I am so thankful that I was introduced to this course and the wonderful people who generously share it. You could pay thousands of dollars for self-help seminars and lessons on how to better yourself and your lives but I can safely say none of those courses are as deep and life-changing as the level of knowledge I have received here. I am continuing to become more peaceful and powerful as this knowledge continues to take me further and deeper into self-discovery. This course has taught me self-love, respect, forgiveness and how to overcome my own self-imposed obstacles and limitations. I am so grateful and thankful as I continue on this path. Thank you to the beautiful souls running the center who has given of themselves to share this wonderful course with the world. 

~ Katie Wyatt 

Thank you for bringing me this far, I started my course one year ago and what I have achieved is great. My transformation journey has given me another chance to live happily. I never thought that one  day I will  be able to forgive those  who wronged me now and in the  past and move on with no revenge .You have trained me how to detach from  people to avoid disappointments and  pain. You made me learn that my children have their own soul, they belong to God and I cannot own them. You taught me how to stay away from sorrow and how to make good choices. You taught me how to live with no expectation from anyone except God. Your teaching has made me see how love attachments cause pain in relationships. With my new knowledge I know the difference between conditional love and friendship. You have taught me how to only love God and myself to stay happy within myself. I now know how to differentiate between my body and soul. I am now in the journey of learning how to differentiate between good and bad thoughts. How to choose and control, positive, negative, useless, and wasteful thoughts. Importance of resolving conflicts as soon as they arise and avoid procrastination because conflicts will never go away until it is resolved. You are a blessing to my Soul!


~ Joyce Wachira

I loved the music  it was one of my favorite parts and the meditation in the beginning felt like a giant pulsing wave , that’s the best way I can describe the energy I was feeling. I loved the music it was so soothing and ethereal. I was able to stay for drishti and left around 6:30pm.

~ Katie

I thank you for giving me the biggest gift in my life this year. This gift of yours has been a turning point of my life. I thank you for bringing me to the Brampton meditation center and for Brian being my teacher introducing to my true self, true happiness, my power (…) made me realize the importance of practice of soul consciousness. Once I started practicing soul consciousness (…) I felt very happy and light, realized how beautiful was the world and saw positive all around me, my family, friends and colleagues. I now felt happy in same situations around me that would make me sad. This feeling of happiness is very different. I never experienced it before. I am a positive, happy being spreading positively around me.

~ Poonam

To the amazing staff at the Brampton Meditation Centre.

Thank you for inspiring all of us to be better versions of ourselves and embrace love, light, and peace.

~ Student

Diwali was truly special for me this year as I had the opportunity to attend my first program at the centre, it was a great program and I did experience a deeper meditation that evening.

Also thank you for allowing my husband to attend, he enjoyed the program very much especially the live music incorporated into the evening. My Husband has always been supportive of me attending the course, but sharing the Diwali program with my husband was extra special, as he mentioned a feeling of positivity and happiness there and could now understand better why it is so important for me to make my weekly class to the centre.

~ Student

Thank you for letting me and my son participate in the wonderful holy event. I enjoyed every minute of the event. From my heart I appreciate the hard work done by you and the volunteers to give us the experience of the real spirit of Diwali. I felt so peaceful, happy, light, courage, thankful during the whole time. In the closing Drishti event I felt my soul was filled with powerful pure love and strength from my toe to head. My son also enjoyed the participation at the event. He said he learned the real meaning of Diwali.

~ Student


To the amazing staff at the Brampton Meditation Centre.
Thank you for inspiring all of us to be better versions of ourselves and embrace love, light, and peace.
~ The Community of St. Joachim
Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board

Today’s lesson (on honesty) got me very emotional. I’m not usually one to cry. The point that I got out of it was that it is extremely very tough job to be dishonest. It is so time and life consuming,it’s sad. It is also extremely hard to be someone like me, someone who points out dishonesty. I don’t know why I always bothered to do that. I realized that I have wasted a huge amount of my time to point it out in people. I regret that now. I’m quiting it right now and not looking back. I feel lighter.
Thank You
~ Aleksandra

I just had the most humbling experience.
I got greedy and asked God to let me have a permanent job. He asked me, will you be upset with the outcome? (…) I told Him no matter what happens You are my Father, You know best and I will not be mad at You, I will listen and learn. I will not be disappointed.

Today I got rejected from the job. My manager sat me down with a box of tissues. Normally I would get very emotional and cry and run out and never return. Instead I felt a weight lifted, I became light and told her not to apologize for anything (…) I told her what great virtues she has as a soul and that I respect and admire her ability to deliver news to me. She was almost in tears and said she was so glad I was taking it so well… and said she will do everything to present a case to keep my position on permanently when she meets the board.

I learned the virtue humility. I have been a sore loser my entire life. I would lie to myself, everyone and God that I wasn’t a jealous, spiteful, angry sore loser then wonder why “bad” things were happening to me. Everything was about me and what needed to be fair for me. This time, I said to God, no matter the outcome I love You. And I really feel it in my heart that I’m radiating happiness and love even after getting a big rejection. I actually feel empowered and liberated that this lesson of humility was delivered and I truly feel that I passed. I didn’t lose anything today. I gained the virtue of humility and I also showed a lot of courage.
I also don’t feel any attachment to my title anymore. That enables me to have a better understanding (…) I am here for a very specific reason, to serve through public service. My patience, manners, compassion, understanding have all gone up so much since being here. I see and feel so much of a need to be elevated in a place where it is easy to become tired and apathetic. I don’t need to shout or be the loudest or smartest in the room, I make the biggest impact when I’m silent and observant.
I am feeling very blessed and humbled. Thank you for all of your love and good wishes.
~ Cynthea

Thank you for this. Very helpful. I found the meditations last week extremely helpful as well. {…} This describes some of what I have been trying to do, and am finding it gets a little bit easier every time. I do still struggle with a lot of fear; that said it seems to take less and less time to shake it off. It is empowering to be faced with abusive behavior and to choose not to react but to remain in peace. I have been meditating on we are all souls, bodies are our costumes, and we are all just playing our roles. That after this role, I will wear a new costume and play a different role. This simple realization has made it easier not to be affected, to stay strong and positive. I frequently remind myself that he is a soul, a being of peace, just not living his truth. I do examine my own behaviors and reactions to see how they may be perpetuating the cycle and alter them accordingly. It is far from perfect but getting better. I’ve come to an understanding that every challenge is an opportunity to learn and grow stronger.

~ Joanna

The prodigal daughter has returned to her Father. He has embraced me with the warmth of a light starting at my face and slowly embracing me with a warm hug that cuddles me like a warm blanket of love.

I can not thank you enough for this incredible experience. I have searched and abandoned God all at the same time but because of you I found God again and I’m forever grateful.

~ Liliana

I’m learning so much lately from the course.
I’m thankful for this shift in my mind as it helps me to deal with a lot of things that I see happening around me. I’m testing it now, it was a sudden change and it feels very new.
I have never entertained the idea that I don’t owe anything to anyone, and that I don’t need to worry about things in order to show that I care. I always thought that empathy is feeling pain with others, this was so wrong on so many levels, I was literally adding to the pain someone already had and reminding everyone around to feel more sadness.
I feel light and ready for more knowledge now!
I even see ppl around me shifting their perspective through my change…(for the better)
It definitely took courage to change, and now as I recognize what courage is-I can use it and I’m not afraid to anymore.
Thank You so very much


I hope your week is going great, I just wanted to thank you for the amazing evening that was full of love and joy, for the amazing dinner and the great time, I am so happy that I found out about your center and I would love to be an active member and volunteer whenever you need me. I am looking forward to starting the course with you (whenever it starts).

Best regards,

~ Reham

Thank you for your time and energy.
Please thank your elves and Santa
Saturday’s event was so empowering.
Merry Christmas and a blessed blessed New year.
If you have a session over the break please let me know.

Peace, Love and Wisdom

~ Fatima Elmazovski

On the final Sunday forgiveness class, I could feel the leftover energy from the day before enough that my whole body was buzzing. Luckily it wasn’t enough to distract me, if I chose not to concentrate on it, but I knew the energy was different. On Saturday I had been meditating during the time that the event was happening, and was concentrating on Love.

I received a card during Drishti that read “By letting go of all the people and events that have caused you pain, you are able to forgive and express love, easily and effortlessly”.  I didn’t understand its particular significance to me at the time, and instead felt it was just an extension of the message of the class.

Two days later, which was almost 12 years since he passed away, I had a dream about my stepfather. We had a tense relationship when he was alive, and I have to admit I had a lot of pain, resentment, frustration, and anger attached to him and my memories of him. I was trying to repress them instead of really dealing with them. Now that I feel released, I can see just how much negativity I was holding on to.

In my dream, I was entirely lucid. I was in a bright, foggy atmosphere. I could sense/see a bright and featureless figure that I knew was my stepdad. I called out “Gord!”, and ran to him. He was sitting down. I think I asked “Is that you?”, to my surprise I was overloaded with my own feelings of love (and astonishment), and wanted to ask him a million questions. I was almost unaware that there was a second energy next to him, which was emanating sweet loving feelings and seemed to be acting as a guide. I don’t know for sure who it was, I later wondered if it was God – but may be more likely that it was someone that was acting as a conduit for his pure feelings.  From Gord I also felt loving and happy feelings. Before I asked him questions, I told him what I didn’t while he was alive – which was that he was going through the same family hardships I was before he passed away and apologized for not being more understanding. Particularly I meant my mom’s health. As if by the thought of her, I felt and saw a figure beside me on the right which was my mom’s energy. Her energy felt defensive and she interrupted him to talk, so I asked her to wait – and let him speak. Immediately it felt like she stepped back, and I felt her energy change to unconditional love and selflessness – which I have felt from her before.  He mentioned that he thought (when he was alive) that something about me had come from my dad, but realizes it now it came from my mom. Though it felt like he was saying the exact same thing to my mom too and I still haven’t figured out what he was referring to. It felt like the guide energy was reeling him in.  Here we had communication that felt even less like words, and more like talking just with feelings – which were mutual love, forgiveness, and excitement. It was such a release, I felt intense freedom, and felt like I could fly. I was feeling so much love, I was concerned it could turn into attachment! But I think it was more revealing the attachment that was already there under all the more gross negative feelings.

~ Samantha Russell De-vigneux 

Rakhi Experience…I felt so secure, safe, supported and accepted…I didn’t want to leave and found myself repeating I’m a soul, I’m a soul…the light {I saw} was both gentle and strong and made me feel I would be.

I remember you saying to surrender something to God as well as work towards something.  I surrendered loneliness as I still miss the soul playing the part of my husband very much.  How I would love to bring him to this knowledge.  I also said that I would work on honesty.  The virtue on the pouch {I received} was dignity.

My blessing said I have surrounded myself in silence, deep in the ocean of God’s love.  As the Rakhi is tied around my wrist, the Father guarantees me his whole heart.

Wow I think I just got it more putting it in words.

~ Mary

If this is Brian’s Raja Yoga Centre , I was a student when he was guiding us out of his Brampton house which was more than 10 years ago. He is the most loving generous man. His course is a must for every human being, what you get from it is an individual experience. For me it has given me everything outlined in the description. So much has opened up for me as a result of his powerful teachings. He trains you to think positively and the impact this has on your/my life is tremendous its EVERYTHING. Reading books is one thing but Brian demonstrates from such a deep spiritual place that anyone who is in that group will receive that most amazing energy force. My life journey has been influenced through Brian. Thank you for all that you share from the goodness of your heart… Deepak Chopra has made millions and you have to pay so much to see him, Brian shares with open love and generosity. THANK YOU!

~ Adriana Caschera

I wanted to write to you to share  what’s been happening in my world and share how the thought tracking exercise has helped me recently.
On Wednesday afternoon while at work, I took a break to go for my daily walk on campus.  As I was crossing a street, I suddenly and without any warning slipped on ice and landed on my back and head with an awful thud.  I was stunned and in shock and knew that I was injured but didn’t know the extent.
I got up and walked back to the office and sat down for a bit before deciding to leave.  In some ways, I feel I was an accident waiting to happen.  I had been experiencing more health challenges and discomfort in my body and was completely exhausted. I wanted to be on vacation already.  That made me realize how powerful my subconscious mind is and it made me sad that maybe it didn’t see another way of my getting the rest I so badly needed.
The next day, I was in pretty rough shape, head pain, back pain, unable to sleep due to the discomfort.  I was off work getting the rest I needed , but my plans for the holidays needed to be changed. I had to cancel a trip planned to Victoria.
I could have gotten lost in waste/negative thoughts, but I felt a determination in me to not go there.  I told myself that it would be so easy to keep piggy-backing more waste/negative thoughts onto each other and get lost in fear.  Waste/negative thought forms are all around me and in me so activating them is as easy as lighting a match.  I had a visual of the thought tracking exercise in my mind and challenged myself to step into my freedom and creativity to have a new response rather than the predictable, dense, even boring world of fear, self-pity, worry, etc.
After experiencing synchronicities with the medical help that I got, all I could feel was gratitude and I’ve been able to accept what happened and keep my mind calm.  On Christmas Eve, my two friends came to me instead and we had a very soulful evening which included listening to one of Sr. Sharona’s meditations which they loved and both had a wonderful experience.  This week, while listening to one of her meditations on my own, I started crying at the recognition of myself as a beautiful spiritual being.
I have learned that I need to be more vigilant with my mind.
Happy New Years and may 2018 bring you blessings of good health, inspiration and continuous growth in consciousness
Om shanti.
~ Patrizia

Having no knowledge of what this event / function (Shivratri) was about I actually had no idea what to expect.

Prior to coming in to the event that day I had just watched a horror movie.

Once arriving at the event and walking into the centre there was sense of calm and peace at a much higher vibration level.

It was very easy to go in to meditation/yoga and any thoughts that would have been right in my face (even the horror movie) seemed so distant; the thought that went through my mind was how beautiful, to experience this kind of bliss– it’s what people are striving for and I have it here right now and didn’t want to let it go. Thoughts had gone far far away.

There is an explanation on what Shivratri is, conducted by one of the senior members, followed by singing and dancing by members of the organization and also by children (very colourful and peaceful), the atmosphere is incredible.  This leads to some activities for everyone and the purpose is to get each person in touch with their core and reach higher realms. The overall experience was awesome, I felt like I was in a trance for about 2 days. Recommend this program to all new/old members and I would definitely go again and again J

~ Joti Aujla 

Last night I had such a great experience at Thanksgiving.  I felt like everyone was my family and for once I didn’t see the bad, ugly or negative in anyone, just that they are souls and my family.
I couldn’t stop giving thanks throughout the night and into today for reminding me what it feels like to be with family again.  All this time I thought the only family I could ever have were the souls at home.  I was genuinely happy, laughing and smiling and so comfortable and at peace.
I meditated on that feeling when I got home.  Before I would need to have drinks before I could open up that way and laugh and have a good time without being negative and judgmental.  I was laughing until my stomach hurt and there were tears in my eyes and I ate the purest food without touching any alcohol.  I can honestly say I didn’t judge a single soul or have a negative thought for the hours we were all together.
Thank you for dinner and the invite the evening was amazing. I look forward to being in class this week.
Om Shanti
~Cynthea Sarun

I had heard so much about this event (Rakhi) and heard students talk about how awesome it was, even saying that I still had no idea what to really expect.

There is background singing, treats and juice and the event starts. I just watched all these people do rakhi (tying a wrist band) some in tears, some smiling, some just calm, some even unsure; what I then thought was about half hour …had actually been 3hrs gone by. I tend to be very anxious and fidgety constantly staring at the clock and I had no idea where these normal sankaras (habits) and feelings had gone along with the time….Wowww! I wasn’t even doing anything, other than meditation and feeling peaceful. There is very high vibration in the room which I can truly say I have never felt anywhere else – the rakhi itself made me tear (in ecstasy almost), the beautiful note was precise. The food was so yummy, and again I felt calm and bliss like I had been touched by some magic.  For me to express this experience in words is very difficult;  you have to experience it yourself to believe it.  

~ Joti Aujla 

Greetings Brian and Brampton Meditation Centre Family,

THANK YOU, two little words are not enough to thank enough to express my gratitude, when said with heart mean a lot, So here I go…THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU  from my heart for all your hard work for Raksha Bandhan and Freedom Through Forgiveness workshops.

Drishti during these two was amazing experience.  I was little shaky before coming to the centre due to mini stroke (TIA) on Monday,  August 7th and was heavily medicated on Tuesday which made me sleep whole day on Wednesday and I did not sleep on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night.

At Raksha Bandhan Drishti I could feel great energy when I sat down for Drishti and was little emotional, I wanted to cry but controlled, prayed to Lord Shiva. When I tried to look at Shailja’s forehead, I saw a light in place of her eyes and the energy became more profound and I visualized a ray of light and felt as if Lord Shiva was present and felt the immense bliss which gave solace to my heart. That night I slept from 10.00 pm to 8.00 am next morning and felt more energetic. This experience will remain with for years to come.

~ Hema Vaswani

It was like Shailja’s face was pulsating…her face was fading in and out at times…there was light illuminating from her face and her face was so subtle in the background…I felt so secure, safe, supported and accepted…I didn’t want to leave and found myself repeating I’m a soul, I’m a soul…the light was both gentle and strong and made me feel I would be.

I remember you saying to surrender something to God as well as work towards something.  I surrendered loneliness as I still miss the soul playing the part of my husband very much.  How I would love to bring him to this knowledge.  I also said that I would work on honesty.  The virtue on the pouch was dignity.

My blessing said I have surrounded myself in silence, deep in the ocean of  God’s love.  As the Rakhi is tied around my wrist, the Father guarantees me his whole heart.

Wow I think I just got it more putting it in words.

~ Mary

(RE: Raksha Bandhan)

I was watching her for a while and preparing myself for what I will ask God for.  I decided that I was just going to ask for guidance on recognizing Him finally, and thank Him for that if it happened. However none of this took place because when my turn came up something happened and I couldn’t explain it, as if there were no words and just feelings.

So my plan didn’t work out, but I received an experience that is indescribable. It did resemble a holy communion (from my catholic times).  So, when I sat down after to still hold on to it, I thought she forgot to put a sparkle on my forehead and forgot to tie the bracelet, I just remembered her handing me a gift. Then I saw that, in fact the bracelet and sparkle was right where it should be.
Thank you for giving me this opportunity and for the wonderful food and great music. I wanted to hold on to that feeling of being so peaceful for as much as I could.
Thank you
~Aleksandra Pavkovic 

Dear Brian:

I wanted to express my gratitude for being part of your Tuesday classes and say how much I appreciate everything I learnt from you so far, and how much it is continuing to impact my life in a positive manner.
I had put off having a surgery for almost 8 years, due to fear. Today I am booked for surgery this November, which I accepted without hesitation, Anxiety and Fear. I wish I could explain better.
My deepest gratitude to you for leading the way to so many like myself.

Something amazing happened this morning
Whenever I’m having a conversation with someone and its going well I would usually find something negative to add, which would change our mood and leave the person feeling down or depressed when they leave my presence. But this morning I was able to recognize that in my thoughts and stop myself. I wanted the person to leave with positivity to start their day. This class has helped me tremendously. People have told me before about positive thinking, but you have to be ready and willing to receive that advice and want to make that change.
So I am truly grateful. I need to keep a mental note of this experience this morning because it made me feel wonderful inside ,to know yes, I can do this.

I have been fortunate to have come across this course which I know now wasn’t a coincidence. It has brought so much knowledge to my life that has taken me on journey of spiritual healing.  It has raised my consciousness, awareness and understanding of how and what I think, say and do greatly impact the quality of my life. While I continue to grow and learn, I do so knowing I’m not alone, loved and supported every step of the way.

~Maureen Harrison

During a particularly stressful time in my life, I was lucky enough to discover Raja Yoga.  Brian Lum’s interactive discussions have helped me to deal with this crisis in my life.  His topics regarding letting go of negativity and embracing forgiveness have been a crucial part of my journey towards becoming a healthier and happier human being.  I now feel I am able to deal with the various stresses that happen.  I really appreciate Brian giving his time to people free of charge.  He is an asset to the community and Brampton is lucky to have him!

~Carol Daugharty

I would like to express my gratitude at being able to be part of your Meditation Class at the Brampton Centre.

At the beginning of this journey I did not know what to expect, however, as I continued on, I realized many things, but most importantly, what I thought I knew about myself and life, was about to change. I learned a kind of confidence I did not have and depth that was unimaginable to me. The lessons, the notes that I have,   and, the sound of your voice will always be a guide for me and a constant reminder to not stray away from all that I am. I have a very long way to go, but feel fortunate to have found the Brampton Meditation Centre, the difference it has made at this point and will continue to make in my life, transferring on to the people around me. I have not seen Love in this form before, nor the kind of knowledge you impart….it is limitless.

I have also been recommending this course to others so they can add value to their lives.

Thank you, Thank you!


My life has changed already in the 5 months I’ve been attending your class.  I feel it inside myself and others have noticed on the outside.  I am aware that when I look at people in the eye it’s a more honest and loving feeling – I know I will continue to transform into a non-judging loving being with your love and support.

Thank you for your love and light!


 I am so grateful to have found the Brampton Meditation Centre.  I always felt there was more to life and I’m happy to say I found what I was always looking for, myself!  Brian’s knowledge is beyond any text book and his experiences that he shares are so inspiring.  I always feel empowered after each class, I can not say enough about your teachings!!! Thank you!

Om Shanti


Thank you and all the angels for the Christmas party. I had a wonderful time. I feel like a veil has been lifted. I feel lighter somehow and more aware. I love the classes and I am so glad I was led to you.

Thank you


It’s a phenomenal course and you will definitely grow and learn. Brian is a fantastic course facilitator and teacher.

Keep well… Om Shanti


When I look back on the person I was before I found this course, I can’t believe how much I changed, or how much I needed to change. We let life happen to us, and wonder how come I can’t get what I want, or how come I feel so bad or why is everybody around me so miserable??? When I finally realized that it was me…how I perceive things, how I choose to react to situations, that was my KEY. I thought, this information is so easy and logical, why did it take my 37 years to get it? It doesn’t matter how you get the information, what matters is how you apply the knowledge you learn, and transform your life. Over the last few years I felt as if my battery was drained. I had no energy, no passion for life, no connection to anything. Going to work and doing the every day chores was so exhausting. There were days when I would cry and beg GOD to show me my path, saying
to HIM this can’t be all that life has to offer. I was so empty
inside. For me, I knew the first lesson that Raja Yoga Meditation was exactly what I had been searching and praying to GOD for. What I learned was that I needed to heal myself…and I am…through a lot of hard work, confronting my fears and with GOD at my side, I can do anything. My battery is recharged, and raring to go!!!


I’ve been meaning to write this email since last Tuesday to thank you for liberating me from the pomp and ceremony that I have been brought up with, and thought to perform in order for me to draw closer to God.
Growing up as a Christian, I have be raise to believe that one should pray to God the father twice a day, and that I had to start first with singing, then followed by confessing my sins… that usually went on for over ten minutes, and if God hadn’t fallen asleep, then I would ask him to bless my enemies. If I myself hadn’t fallen asleep, then I would beg God if he could pretty, pretty please help me with such and such. That is if He is willing.
This never sat well with me during my childhood “but why?” days. Unfortunately those over me didn’t know better, and all they could offer was “because the Bible said do”. Hearing your wisdom last week I now realize that the little girl inside of me was right all along.
Thank you for making it so simple to reconnect with God once again.

Have a blessed day!

Om Shanti


I wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you for being such a great teacher, although the knowledge comes from God it is also the way you have shared and explained everything that has helped it resonate, to the extent that it has.
You always say there is a reason why we came upon the course when we did and I completely agree, I had been searching for answers for many years now, as I wanted to know the purpose behind it “all”. That search had taken me to a different course a few years back, which also helped my needs, at that time, even though it helped a lot… a question still remained unanswered… and that quest/search had me reading every spiritual book out there…. be it Eckhart Tolle, Neale Donald Walsh, Deepak Chopra, Krishnamurthy, and Wayne Dyer… the list can go on.
I guess what I would like to say is that, as I come to closer to completing my introductory course, “I found my answer.” I have been blessed enough to have found what my soul has been yearning for and hope I have all the courage to live, what I now know to be, the only “truth”- to live and experience life as a pure, powerful, benevolent, eternal… soul


I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your love offering with the course and the selfless service you provide for those that require assistance in this department.
Thank you!!!
I have been meaning to take this course for over 5 years and started to then did not finish. I am making it a point and committing to this opportunity to learn and re-discover myself all over again and apply what I learn on a daily basis.
for the longest time I have been feeling guilty that in 2004 to 2006 I spent that time to do just that, and then allowed myself to get pulled into sorrow. Granted I understand that I receive what I put out, and so rightly so. I suppose I am receiving just that. Both in the good things I am receiving and the “not so” pretty things Image
First and foremost, I want to master my emotions. But most importantly I understand and am working daily to strive for spiritual mastery.
It is a real pleasure to have shared in your being.

In Love, Light and in Truth


The Raja Yoga course is not like a course you take at school or information you can read in a book. It is life transforming. It has changed the first thought I have when I wake up and last thought before hitting the pillow. I now have clear intentions of my day, control my thoughts and am filled with inspiration and power. The heaviness has turned into light and the problems have become fascinating situations. I laugh with my children all the time…sometimes with them and sometimes hours after when something reminds me of what they asked or did. I love and appreciate my husband so much more and see him as a wonderful soul on his own path. We have respect for each other and recognize that our journeys are our own. I look forward to a few minutes to meditate, listen to an inspiring song or reread notes I have taken in class. Me and the children often talk about our souls, anger, ego, karma, God, our power and what our purpose is in this life. In case you are wondering, my kids are 4 and 6 years old! Now I don’t look to others for a hug or need anyone to solve a problem. I can look within and ask a higher source for support. People who talk with me or see me express that I am happier, changed, lighter, and seem free. What a wonderful description of the new me!

Om shanti


I was introduced to Raja Yoga Meditation four years ago and was pulled by the simplicity of the knowledge. The course taught me the basic principles of spiritual living that I think deep inside we all know but tend to forget. I had lost my true self somewhere along the journey of this life and Raja Yoga helped me find myself. I learned how to become truly silent and link myself with the Higher Power and this removed the burden of so much sorrow and regret that I was carrying and it gave me a glimpse of what a true peace of mind feels like. The peacefulness that I experience in meditation gives me the courage to carry out my day without being fearful. The most important lesson that I have learned is not to change others but to change myself and as I change, everything around me is bound to also change. I have learned to accept, forgive, love unconditionally and to always have faith in God and this has made me a better person, mother, wife and a friend. I have made Raja Yoga Meditation a fundamental part of my life for it is the only thing that soothes my soul and it keep me connected to God and I am grateful that I am able to implement the knowledge in every aspect of my life.


Much love and appreciation for your outstanding service to all your bothers and sisters and most importantly, God’s task.
You are an image of God’s right hand and for this you have received the co-operation of not only the family, but also god’s support and blessings. May you continue to feel the shower of blessings that are now raining on you.
Thank you for making my year a more powerful one and for strengthening my soul so it may remain pure and peaceful.
I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of you class. Your lectures have been inspiring.

Thank you for your generosity. Have a wonderful Christmas!


Wanted to take a moment to express my deep felt gratitude to you all. The peace village experience wouldn’t have been complete without having met all of you; something would have truly been lacking without your presence as the incredible family that you are.
Thank you for honoring me with your presence.

With the utmost respect and love


One of the gifts that you bestowed during the self-realization retreat is to remember that “I am a pure, powerful, peaceful, immortal…soul.” 
I have been applying this a lot lately. With a determined thought. By using this affirmation, I have been able to let go of a lot, there is a deepening relationship of self-trust, and my relationship with Baba is growing.  
I am so happy to have received such a divine gift.


Thank you for guiding me to find my way back home. That is exactly how I feel. I always had this feeling that I was out of soul. I have moved different cities and even different countries and still I did not feel like I was in the right place. It is so ironic now that I was able to find my way without having to physically move anywhere.

Thank you so much. Om shanti

Some people just shine a little brighter in this world and make life better for everyone around them. That’s who you are. Your spirit lights the way for the rest of us to follow. Your kind heart and generous soul show us how a life should be lived. Don’t ever forget how important you are and how loved.


To all the people of Raja Yoga centers throughout the world. All the best to all of you.
May god give you all the strength and health to move forward on this spiritual journey to help make his world a better place.

~Lyn and Family

Knowledge is never too much and the knowledge given at the Raja Yoga centre is most enlightening, well put forth, and something everyone should enjoy, that’s why I came “back for more” on a weekly basis.


I am writing to express my heartfelt gratitude for your amazing life transforming lessons. I am so thankful to be a part of your classes. We hear so frequently that ‘God works in mysterious ways’, it is not a mystery any more. God works through you to show us the ‘real truth’ and make the world a better place. The purest, simplest form of God’s love can be experienced in your presence. So simple, so pure, so selfless… your teachings imparted so simply and practically with the sole purpose of empowering us to lead a pure, peaceful, fearless, loving, powerful life. There is so much more to life than what we experience everyday! In this quest we turn to several amazing books, videos, life coaches, religious and spiritual organisations in order to help us give meaning to life. However, with due respect to all of them, I have to express that there can be no course like yours. You share your knowledge in such a beautiful, simplistic and practical way, that just a few weeks into the course transformation begins. Step by step we learn the process of changing our consciousness to bring clarity about who we truly are.

Thank you Brian, for everything you do: classes, celebrations… which have tremendously benefited not only me, also my family and friends.
Best wishes and regards,

Words cannot express how grateful I am for this special experience of Raksha Bandhan.

I did feel God’s presence looking at me thru Shailja.  I have never experienced such a beautiful smile full of love, peace and purity.  I could have spent endless hours just looking at her.

Thank you Brian and all the wonderful souls for the love and dedication that went into Raksha Bandhan.

I am coming to see things differently and looking forward to this new vision.  What I thought was going to bring me peace and what I wanted is changing.  I pray to experience the purity I witnessed and felt looking at Shailja.  What a beautiful, loving and kind soul.

Om Shanti

My heartiest thanks  Brian! for imparting the spiritual knowledge of Baba which flows from your heart and is exclusive because…Baba chose to gave you all with unconditional love as a reward to your karma with honesty and truth.

This 40 weeks course has given clarity on evil entities, negative thoughts ,bhakti, moksh , karma and time. Now this knowledge, has shattered all those myths and images which had occupied a large space in memory chip and made me non functional. It’s hard to reboot human mind after deleting unnecessary files but not impossible, so working on it slowly…. Long way to go.

I can very well understand the obstacles and hurdles one goes through if one decides to stand for truth no matter what. Can very well relate to the tremendous courage and conviction one needs to swim against waves and sail through successfully.

I was foolish to think that I’m already on spiritual path until we met…this course only made me realize that i wasn’t even close. With each lesson I started moving baby steps to initiate my journey towards divine path. Stepping out of fools paradise and initiating walk towards paramdham not only made me a better person but gave me strength to take it easy on storms crippling my day to day life…an attitude to even face tsunami with positive mind.

Though ,I am making efforts to transform but I feel they are not sincere . Because of fresh junk and garbage pouring each day in the form of negativity from within or outside matter it’s challenging, so often I give up. Knowing that Meditation is the only key to unlock unwind me from complicated matter (Maya ) and present confused state of mind ; not able to focus.

My heart is filled with gratitude Brian…that you have shown the true path to self realization and empowerment without expecting any kind of favors or returns. As an honest student, I would ensure to learn this gyan and try to implement with heart and soul because darkness in me would not go away without this light. And without enlightened mind, I would continue sleeping in darkness… there by depriving myself from experiences of yoga with God.

Om Shanti


I have accepted a new position that was offered to me today. Through your class I found the courage to pursue something better than what I was settling for in the past. Before reaching out for this opportunity, I was living in absolute fear of success and advancement. I also overcame my fear of driving today. I spent 5 hours driving in heavy snow, and not once did I panic, act irrationally out of fear or let my emotions overcome my state of awareness of the road. I arrived safely at my destination because I was able to remain calm and confident in myself and my abilities instead of diminishing them.
Thank you for all the joy and inspiration you have brought me this year. I have seen significant changes in my life for the better and I can’t wait to continue this journey with you in the new year.
Om Shanti

It is not surprising to me that your class have been in my thoughts recently. Ever since I feel a difference in myself in positive ways, surprising to others and not to myself. Seeing the news I can reflect on your teaching in classes.

Thank you for the awakening and I do not that I have a long way to go to truly find more of my inner self being/soul.

I do maintain as much as I can your teaching and stay positive without judgment.

Thank you kindly for your time


~ Sheeren Hamid

As an Indian my understanding of Rakshabandhan was an occasion where a  Sister would pray for her Brother’s and tie rakhi and in turn would receive a gift from the Brother. The Brampton Meditation Centre’s Rakshabandhan was a special ceremony which I’ve never experienced before. The whole ambience was so calming and I felt so protected during that ceremony that it took me back to my childhood memories. During my whole time there, I felt like I was surrounded by all the adults in my family who cared and protected me. Going through these feelings made me feel very nostalgic as I am now a 29 years old  and have been living far from my home the past 9 years. The Sisters who were tying the rakhi’s and giving us gifts were God’s channel transmitting pure positive energy which I had never felt before. The whole experience made my heart full. It was a very powerful experience indeed and I really feel blessed to have the chance to experience  Rakshabandhan on such a divine level. I am looking forward to next year’s  event.

~ Girish

I feel that by God’s grace I got an opportunity to join this class.  This has been a really amazing experience.