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Kids Resources

Discover a treasure box of books, CDs, virtue cards and much more to empower you on your journey inwards. You can purchase these resources at the Brampton Meditation Centre by simply emailing: infoatbramptonmeditationcentre.com

The eight values units in Living Values Education Activities for Children Ages 3 – 7, Book 1 are Peace I, Respect I, Love and Caring, Tolerance, Honesty, Happiness, Responsibility, and Simplicity and Caring for our Earth and Her Oceans.

Values are explained both in simple and abstract ways for Children Ages 8 – 14. Age-appropriate lessons include imagining exercises, reflection points, mind-mapping, discussion, role playing, relaxation/focusing exercises, movement and songs.

Written for educators and other adults working with young adults Ages 15 – 24. Living Values Education advocates the creation of a values-based atmosphere for young adults, and engaging them in such values activities that they are motivated and develop the skills to become co-creators of a culture of peace, caring and respect.

This book offers both process and content for facilitators interested in conducting Living Values Parent Groups with parents and caregivers to further understand skills important in encouraging and positively developing values in children.

This guide contains the variety of workshops found within Living Values Education Educator Trainings. Sessions include values awareness, creating a values-based atmosphere, values activities, and skills for creating such an atmosphere.

Relax Kids

Relax Kids CDs and books are a series of research-based mindful and relaxation techniques alongside values and positive psychology (positivity, strength-building, gratitude, resilience and compassion) to help support children’s emotional health and well being.

Free Apps

This App provides a variety of tools to enable you to take a break from a racing, stressful mind and come back to calmness and focus.

Happidote (think happy antidote!) offers an easy way to access practical advice through simple guided meditations to help calm your mind and soothe the stress of work. Happidote is a forever free meditation app for Healthcare Professionals.

Pick a virtue card daily to help focus your mind and keep your attitude positive. Wonderful for both children and adults. You can order by contact the Brampton Meditation Centre or Michelle at www.artwithheart.net

Children Books

Little White lives in a dark forest, but once she sees the light, she is entranced by it. Her journey doesn’t involve rushing from place to place but is filled with quiet moments of meditation, in which she enjoys the light and her sense of being alive. Her journey is one of beauty, peace, and spirit.

Magic is still there no matter how old you are … it’s just a matter of finding the program to access it … or the lamp to polish it … or the ring to turn. Follow Mark’ story and discover that real magic is contagious.

Put yourself in Taylor’s place, and go on wonderful adventures with Bright Light. Suitable for children age +8 and adults alike.

Having matured so beautifully form his adventures with Bright Light in the first
book, Taylor now uses everything Bright Light taught him in new adventures to
transform into the little prince he always wanted to be. This is a wonderf ul book
for ages 8 to 80 that will amuse you and give you new insights into the innate
beauty and power within you

Stories are the best way to introduce children to meditation. Here is a charming story for older children to read alone or for parents to share with younger children. As they enjoy the tale, children will learn how to meditate and understand the benefits. Suitable for families who have taken course

Visiting the forest after a five-year absence, 12-year old Yuki and her brother, 8-year old Shin, find that the trees and animals are disappearing. They embark on a magical journey that starts deep within themselves and launches them on a quest to save the forest.

Offers a simple introduction to the art of meditation and positive thinking for teenagers. It al so contains a range of meditation commentaries designed to create a peaceful, positive state of mid and develop self-esteem and self-worth.