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World Peace Day 2021

Celebrate with us on September 21, 2021

You have a hero part to play in creating World Peace!

Are you ready?! As we count the days leading to World Peace Day on September 21st, let us create these pure and positive vibrations of peace in our every thought, word and action. 

Individually or collectively, share with us and inspire others what you are practicing to create a vibration of peace. Perhaps you are taking a few minutes out of your day to meditate on peace, or share inspirational quotes about peace via social media, or simplifying your day in some little yet profound way. Whatever it is, we would love to hear from you. 

Simply enter in the details below about your activity that contributed to World Peace. You can add up all your minutes throughout your day, or enter in a family event that you attended. You can even upload a picture that we can share on Facebook.

On September 21 at 12pm, meet us at Ken Whillans Square, in Brampton to witness a Peace Flag Raising, listen to music and participate in a group meditation to transform the world.

Thank you for shining your rays of peace. 
We can create a new world of peace once again.