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The Brampton Meditation Centre

The Brampton Meditation Centre has been part of the Brampton community for the last 14 years and has served over 8,000 students through its Introductory Meditation Course. The courses are provided without charge as a free service to the community. The centre is staffed by volunteers who have themselves personally benefited from the teachings of the centre and have generously offered their time and contributions to make this service available to the public.

“We teach a practical method of meditation. The meditation facilitates: self-empowerment and self-transformation on the basis of highly empowered awareness and the realization of the power and positive potential of one’s mind and that one’s true spiritual nature is virtuous, positive, and powerful.” The teachings offer a deep, insightful and inspiring understanding of our values, our strengths and ourselves. While addressing our tendencies toward self-sabotaging behaviour patterns.

We are committed to supporting spiritual development and personal growth through self-introspection and personal transformation with the greater goal of making this world a healthier, more positive, and respectful experience for all human beings. The centre encourages and facilitates individuals to find the best in themselves and others, manifest virtue in relationships, transform negativity, discover inner strength and determination to face and overcome obstacles. Thereby improving individual quality of life.

Students are drawn from all walks of life, religions, ethnicities, genders and cultures. They come to recognize the intrinsic universal spiritual nature that unites us all as one world family. For a list of topics taken up in the introductory course contents please see our course description on the Course Registration page.