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Meditation Course Registration

Friday November 10th, 2023 – Zoom Registration

Please read everything and click the link to register. This is required to complete the registration.

The Zoom link will be opened at 6:45 pm. You must be seated comfortably online by 7 pm, at the latest. Meditation will occur from 6:45 to 7:30 pm, followed by course content thereafter until 9:15pm. Please do not book events or activities at before 9:30pm. The course could go 15 min. longer due to the material being covered and/or questions being asked by participants.

If you are connecting to the video via iPhone, Tablet, or Android: Download the free Zoom.US App and then click on the link below or enter the Meeting ID in the App itself. This will be the same meeting ID every week so record this meeting ID for future use (the Zoom App also saves it).

If connecting through a desktop or laptop:
Click on the link and it will direct you to the Zoom App to download. Make sure you use your device’s audio and video (please do not dial-in for the audio portion). You are welcome to test this ahead of time (note: you will just get a blank screen until the meeting is started on our end).

Zoom Registration Password
Each Zoom course has its own Registration that must be completed, and the link is below.

Click Here for Zoom Link

Once registration is completed the system will then send a unique link for the Zoom Course and include the password embedded in the link or it can be entered separately as well. Please do not share this link or use someone else’s link. If you do not have it or lose it then text Dennis at 416-567-1642 or email us at sign-up@bramptonmeditationcentre.com;

To receive the maximum benefit for meditation and self-transformation, it is very important to be on time or early for each session. We recommend to sit comfortably, bring a note pad and pen, and water to drink. Minimize disruptions as much as possible, so that your mind is clear and focused. As soon as you enter Zoom, check that the call is on mute and then sit back and relax to begin your guided meditation from home. Each week you will enjoy a different and unique meditation commentary to help you build the basics of your practice. From time to time, you may also hear a live guided meditation and music.

During Course Content & Discussion
This journey and course is far more powerful when attended in person, at the Centre, where the atmosphere is very positive and empowering. Yet, as we are all aware of the current global circumstances, online is our next best option. However, this implies that your online attendance requirements are far greater than if you were here in person (since much of the experience is lost over the internet versus when physically face to face).

Below are additional Zoom Etiquette:

  • Always keep your camera on and your microphone muted (unless you have a question or are needed to share or speak).
  • Limit unnecessary movement or distractions (i.e. prepare your comfortable sitting area before connecting to Zoom). Remember, that we can still see you, so any exaggerated or frequent movements may disturb the class.
  • Remain in the video frame at all times (other than restroom breaks). Please adjust your camera so that your face can be seen. No background pictures or blurring of the background.
  • Find your own personal and separate space and room, so that you cannot be disturbed. Your family should consider you not to be at home (again, as if you are at the Centre).
  • This class is only for those who have formally registered with the Centre; therefore, you are unable to invite anyone to join your classes or listen in.
  • Your space / room, must be well lit, so we can see your face.
  • Please no cross talking with other participants or blasting everyone with unnecessary comments as this will interrupt others learning processes. Please begin a private chat with the BMC moderator only.
  • Please no eating, smoking or drinking alcohol during the video class, including any other distracting activities (i.e. petting your pet, answering a phone call, multitasking, etc.). If found to be doing so, you may be asked to leave the course.
  • Again, please behave as if you were here in person (versus at your home). Attendance requirements are far greater online than if you were here in person. We ask your complete attention. The material is challenging both intellectually and emotionally. You will be challenged to be more honest than you usually are, gradually. With this, comes great personal reward and empowerment.

Technical Concerns
Lastly, if you have any technical challenges connecting (or being disconnected during your session), please first try to reconnect as it may be a temporary internet issue. If at all possible, do not ask for Brian’s help in the classroom, in order to avoid unnecessary delays for the class. You may begin a private chat with the BMC moderator only and if you are still having technical issues, then feel free to text Dennis (at 416-567-1642) or email us at sign-up@bramptonmeditationcentre.com;

If you have any questions either about Zoom or the course, please email us at sign-up@bramptonmeditationcentre.com;

We look forward to seeing you online soon.
Peace and Light
Brampton Meditation Centre